2018 in Photos // January to March

We try our very best for our words to recreate the essence of a great Bristolian gig, but sometimes there’s nothing better than a still-frame. Good photos can make you smell the sweat, feel that pang of sorrow that the song conveys or just get a frisson of the performer’s magnetic/abrasive/genial persona (delete as applicable). Here at Bristol in Stereo, we have some fine photographers with a love of music and an eye for the evocative. We present the first instalment of a celebration of their work, with a visual recap on the first quarter of Bristol’s 2018 gigs. Check out the photo credits and featured artists by hovering the cursor over the photo in the sliding gallery.

You’ll see them in our gallery in dynamic suspended animation, but see the video for ‘Hey Heartbreaker’ by Dream Wife to see them in animation of an entirely different sort: