Photo by Jess Flynn.

We here at Bristol Live Magazine are not doing an advent calendar. So basically, consider this your weekly advent calendar. I mean technically you’re getting three more songs a week than you would chocolates, so basically this is better than an advent calendar. Whatever, enjoy the tracks below:

Car Seat Headrest – Drunk Drivers/ Killer Whales

The biggest banger from one of 2016’s best albums has finally got a release, and true to Will Toledo’s cheeky ways, has been reworked as an alternate single version. At least half the length of the original, the new version eschews the album versions long buildup, instead kicking straight in, pushing you to that huge chorus with haste.

Sports – Nowhere to Be

This punk banger came out this week as part of Sport’s new album Sunchokes and it’s fantastic. A lo-fi tribute to not having anything to do apart from thinking about yr crush, this is the kind of song that makes you wish you were 16 again.

Run The Jewels – Legend Has It

Run The Jewels seem determined to thoroughly crush 2016 like the piece of trash it has been by blasting us with huge tracks of RTJ3 (which will surface in full early next year). ‘Legend Has It’ is the best cut off the new record yet. It’s got a huge, if minimal beat, and finds the duo at their most cocksure.  

Honey Gentry – Heaven, California

This new project from Katy Epps is even more dreamy and hazy then her previous work. Behind beautifully shimmering guitars, her vocals sit isolated and lost. The song has a sepia tinged retro feel, and feels like it should have been sung by a doomed, long forgotten Hollywood actress.

Robin Mitchell – Hibernating

A lovely, soothing cut from the Bristolian songwriter’s new 10 Winters record. The track’s seemingly simple plucked guitars are given an extra boost by lo-fi distorted drums, before beautiful vocals are left isolated with just chimes and organ for comapny. If I was going to hibernate (and let me tell you, I would if I could), this would definitely be the track I would want to calm myself down and drift off with.

Tim Darcy – Tall Glass of Water

Some of you may know Tim Darcy from hypnotising post-punk band Ought. For those that don’t, there’s no need to worry; this first track off his solo project is nothing like Ought. Instead, judging by first single ‘Tall Glass of Water’, it’s a backwards-looking rock’n’roll project. His quivering voice is calmer than usual, the guitars warm and inviting instead of spiky, and the choir at the end rounds off the tunes old timey preacher man vibe nicely. All in all, the track paves the way for what could be a very exciting project.

Hare Squead – Loco

This pummelling piece of hip hop from Ireland’s newest exports shoves a looped riff that even Metallica wouldn’t sniff at top of heavy sampled drums, topping it all off with the group’s US influenced vocal delivery. The track came out on the trio’s ‘Supernormal’ EP a while ago, but the new video to accompany it gets the track’s vibe just right.

Stanley – Darlin

Look, a lot of different trendy artists are going to be bandied around when describing this track, and yeah it has elements of Lapsley etc. But the first thought I had (and you should have) from the opening padded chords of ‘Darlin’ was MJ. It’s all very MJ. Not funky, dancey MJ. But slow ballady MJ. It’s a beautiful, simple and well written pop song, and does definitely sound a wee bit like Michael Jackson.

Dead Naked Hippies – Lights Out

One part Savages with one part Blood Red Shoes, Dead Naked Hippies are spiky, angular and heavy. Not only do they have one of my favourite new band name of this year, but this debut single from the Leeds three-piece might be one of the best punk songs of the year as well.

Laura Marling – Soothing

Like every Laura Marling song before it, ‘Soothing’ sounds nothing like Laura Marling. Just when you think you have her pinned her down, she throws another curveball, this time in the form of a slow building, slinking piece. The song’s dragged along by a meandering bassline before being lifted by soaring strings. Yet another reason why Marling is one of the most exciting and important artists we have right now.

Come back next week for more big tunes.