Image credit: Adam Hastings

Bristol shoegazer’s Jesuits have gone and done a Beyoncé, dropping their new EP ‘Cloudhead’ with no prior warning.

The band have been fairly quiet recently, and have been re-grouping after losing guitarist James Maclucas last year. The EP, recorded back in 2015 at Malthouse Studios, documents the band’s work as a four-piece.

They explained in a Facebook post: “This project [The Jesuits] has since gone through a long transformative period (losing members, changing tastes & attitudes) which has led to it becoming an entirely new entity. Thus we are utilising a very different method with regard to composition, performance, aesthetic & recording methods from this point on & have recently started work on our next record. We’re very excited to share the results, but until then we hope you enjoy this snapshot of where we were when we first-formed Jesuits.”

The EP won’t sound familiar to those who have stumbled upon the band recently, but for those that have enjoyed the natural evolution of the trio, ‘Cloudhead’ is a reminder of the constant brilliance of the Jesuits’ song-writing.

You can catch the Jesuits, alongside The Naturals, MXLX and Silver Waves at the Crofters Rights on 25th March.

In the meantime, listen to the EP below: