Nothing great about Britain? slowthai seems to be changing that one bar at a time.

Imagine that you’re Next Up events in Bristol, celebrating your first birthday with a show at Blue Mountain. You’ve already got JD. Reid, Finn Foxell, Rocks FOE & BaileyWillsXO on your line-up. It’s shaping up to be an eventful night.

Then slowthai pulls up with with his crew after his show at the O2 Academy and shells down the mic for his own little set, out of nowhere. Might that just be the best thing that could happen at any grassroots rap event? What a reminder that artists in the UK can still care about the culture and their music, that it’s about enjoyment and passing that enjoyment on, not just about the money.

After a UK tour where tickets cost just a fiver, after already having been on the road during October, slowthai then played for free until 3 AM., just before heading off to tour in Europe and then America in support of Brockhampton for a month and a half.

Arguably the most in demand rapper in the UK at the moment just pulled up to Blue Mountain and played a set for nothing completely on a whim. It shows how the culture is still very alive and kicking. What a coup for the burgeoning rap scene in Bristol.

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See a snippet of slowthai at Blue Mountain here:

Slowthai @ Blue Mountain from Bristol in Stereo on Vimeo.