4th July | Trinity Centre

For fans of Ben Howard, his usual social media silence is nothing out of the ordinary, so when he suddenly started tweeting about his mysterious A Blaze of Feather, fans could only hope it meant something was in the making.

Ben’s long standing friend and guitarist Mickey Smith is the brains behind the project, the name for which was imagined by Smith’s daughter whilst trying to draw a phoenix one morning. Smith’s music is unsurprisingly beautiful, raw and revealing, with the tenderness made all the more sincere since joining forces with Howard and his fellow band members.

You may have seen the name A Blaze of Feather crop up on festival line-ups this summer, following their string of dates. In fact, the group are still due to play at Latitude, Citadel and Boardmasters, the latter in Newquay, close so Smith’s hometown.

The band’s first release, EP1 is hauntingly atmospheric and its opening track ‘Winter’ draws you in from the get-go. Their self-titled album certainly has a lot to live up to though if their first single of the same name is anything to go by – twice the number of songs can only mean good things here.

If you’re not lucky enough to be catching them at a festival this summer, you can still get tickets for their Trinity Centre show on 4th July. Smith describes his output as “music for the madness of life, death and the bittersweet in between” and with the current state of affairs, an evening of poignant escapism might be just what we need.

Check out the video for ‘Six Years’ below: