Kawabata Makoto is the main writer and master brain of Acid Mothers Temple, which is perhaps Japans answer to the sort of creative frenzy which characterises bands like The Mars Volta, Yes or Pink Floyd. Having spawned the original musical idea, it’s turned into an episodic phenomenon of spin off acts, line up and style changes. The current guise is more accurately known as Acid Mothers Temples and the cosmic inferno as opposed to Acid Mothers Temple and the melting Paraiso U.F.O. which was its original name.

The progeny of other names is extensive and somewhat boggling to the wits but that aside; the particular facet of the band visiting Bristol will be one swollen with psychedelic, progressive and post rock influences. It was originally described as an attempt to make ‘trip music’ and seems to have stayed true to that idea. They harvest a very heady and atmospheric type of music which strides slowly filled with retro guitar effects and spaced out synth sounds.

Acid Mothers Temple play the Exchange on 27th September. Watch their video for ‘The Beautiful Blue Ecstacy’ below.