Action Bronson | Preview


“All I want to do is buy boots, ride coupe, hide loot, flick chives in soup,” Action Bronson proclaims on the title track of his fourth mixtape, ‘Rare Chandeliers’.

You might think it takes a certain kind of guy to rap about chives, and you’d be completely right. Action Bronson’s brash and ultimately witty lyricism finds a unique humour in hilariously grandiose references to sex, food and drugs. It’s funny and enticing music, with roots stemming from the eulogised New York hip hop sound.

Over the past few months, Bronson has been marauding his way through US venues as part of his worldwide ‘Mr Wonderful’ album tour, which will eventually lead him to the UK too –reaching Bristol’s O2 Academy this September, 19th.

What’s going to happen on the night? Your guess is as good as mine, my friends; A.B. is known to incite more than just a little mischief. Previous antics include rapping in a portaloo, commandeering a security team’s golf cart, and clotheslining fans off of the stage.

Need I say any more?

Check out ‘Rare Chandeliers’ below: