Bristol Live Magazine are proud to be a part of Dot To Dot Festival, an increasingly exciting festival which is, with each passing year it takes place, able to confidently exhibit the finest and freshest touring and local acts to cross through the city.

It’s with great pleasure that we can announce the full-line up for our stage at the festival, which this year is being held in The Louisiana bar. Headlining are Bristol’s premier noise enthusiasts Phoxjaw, who back in March released their new EP Goodbye Dinosaur and are an enduring live act. Joining them are a who’s who of the finest artists Bristol has to offer, including one of the sadly penultimate farewell shows of Bristol’s wonderful Springbreak, Joe Sherrin’s emotionally exasperating and uplifting project Slonk and the ambient explorations of vibrant duo Poisonous Birds. 

If that wasn’t enough Modern Rituals will bring their intensely engaging set to the Louisiana stage, alongside the ever evolving sound of the excellent Tropic, the undeniable sweet summer tenderness of Why We Love, The Travis Waltons’ brand of sentimentally driven rock, Bristol’s official best new group Dogeyed and the beautiful evocations of Kate Stapley.

It’s an absolutely full to the brim line-up which is well worth picking up a ticket for right here.

Dot to Dot Festival takes place on Saturday 26th May across the city, for more information visit the festival’s website here