26th July | Crofters Rights

The indie pop of Adult Mom, the moniker of Stephanie Knipe, is best listened to in intimate surroundings. Lucky are we, then, that they’re coming to the cosy Crofters Rights next week. Hailing from Purchase, New York, Adult Mom is part of the wave of bedroom artists which has been reaching our ears the last few years. It’s oftentimes bright and bubblegum sweet, and yet packed with heartfelt passion.

Despite the name, listening to Adult Mom’s tunes recalls halcyon days of adolescence and the emotional pain wrought by puberty. They’re a container for tumult, indentifiable to even the most stoic. Stephanie’s most recent release, Soft Spots, is a collection of such emotive lo-fi tracks. To hear it is to enter their mind, and curl up with introspection. Stephanie has been touring this record for the best part of two years already, so by now it’ll surely be polished to a sheen.

The likes of Bandcamp and Soundcloud – and even still MySpace – have enabled indie acts peddling emo-, sad- and Momcore like Stephanie’s and countless others (Soccer Mommy, Mom Jeans, etc.) to reach a huge audience through the tubes, and I’m here for it. By catching their Bristol gig, you can be too.

See Adult Mom perform ‘Fullscreen’ live at Jam In The Van here: