9th March | SWX

With a steady flow of material being released over the last few years, 2019 is the year of Che Wolton Grant, a.k.a. AJ Tracey. His eponymous debut album dropped in February, peaking at number three in the UK Albums Chart and drawing in a wave a positive critical acclaim.

Dropping out of his Criminology course at London Metropolitan University to make a name for himself in the music industry, his first mixtape, Didn’t Make The Cut, dates way back to 2012. Now he is collaborating with the likes of Not3s and Dave, with an arsenal of hits under his belt like the Not3s assisted, ‘Butterflies’, stylish trap number ‘Psych Out’ and grime banger ‘Doing It’.

His debut wasn’t the traditional template for a hip-hop album, blending a variety of genres like dance, country and even garage. With a sold-out tour, the demand is high for one hell of a show from the rapper. With such a large back-catalogue to choose from, it’s anyone’s guess what he will play. With his fifth EP, Secure The Bag! peaking at number thirteen on the UK album chart in 2017, maybe we can expect a throwback, or maybe it will be fuelled by his varied debut album. While he has proven himself on record, can AJ Tracey deliver the same in a live setting? We can only wait and see.

See the video for ‘Psych Out!’ here: