15th October | Louisiana

There’s no denying that autumn is on its way. The central heating is on and my usual commute to gigs has involved tripling the amount of layers. Don’t let the weather get you down, especially when you’re missing out on so much home-grown talent right on your doorstep. Tuesday is no exception: Ålesund will be performing a home date at The Louisiana.

The Bristol-based dream-poppers combine soaring vocals and immersive soundscapes to create a spine-tingling atmosphere that’s guaranteed to make you feel all gooey. Having seen Ålesund in component parts – I’ve seen bassist Paul perform with his other band Little Thief and I’ve also seen Alba Torriset perform at The Bristol Sessions a handful of times – everything has now come full circle and I’m excited to see what their performace has in store as a whole band.

There’s a double whammy of supports too. There’s newly-formed Tamasene – the solo project of Cousin Kula’s Elliot Ellison. I had the pleasure of seeing a stripped-back version the other week, so I imagine that a full-band performance will be spiritual. If you’re a fan of twinkly folk with a teaspoon of psych, then get down there early to catch them. Also on the bill will be violinist Claire Northey. Claire’s songs are rooted within world music and are inspired by her time in France, Egypt and Morocco. Through live looping, she adds texture and warmth to her delicate violin pieces.

Tickets are only a fiver so grab yours now for a folk-filled evening.

See the video for ‘Shift & Flux’ here: