21st March | The Lantern

Over the course of his musical career, Alexis Taylor has delivered a diverse range of sounds, well establishing him as a musician with an astute aptitude for crafting rich, enveloping tracks that bear his distinctive mark. On Piano, Taylor’s third solo release that came out last year, there’s an unprecedented emotive vulnerability in the gentle, sparse piano arrangements that accompany his tender, warm vocals; a far cry from the dancefloor electronica of Hot Chip that many will know him for.

Taylor’s most recent work Listen With(out) Piano is a companion album to Piano featuring eleven different artists’ responses to his songs, offering multiple auditory experiences where the listener can choose to play the new tracks alone or alongside Taylor’s. The results are exquisitely varied and unique as the various musicians take Taylor’s compositions and reinterpret them within their own sonic landscapes. Lung Dart, one of the collaborators on the album will be heading out on tour with Taylor, and granted the delicate intimacy of Taylor’s most recent music, his performance at The Lantern promises to be a quite captivating spectacle.

Grab your last minute ticket here. Check out ‘So Much Further To Go’ below.