19th April | Thekla

These days, the realm of social media promotion can seem like a near-impenetrable wall of white noise which only a lucky and talented few manage to scale and get their head above the parapet. Last year, the producer/pianist/composer, Alfa Mist positively vaulted himself clear of this digital maelstrom with his debut full-length LP, Antiphon.

Making a considerable departure from his previous low-key, hip-hop aesthetic, this album is a proper jazz record, bristling with the energy of gifted young musicians, forging a new part of this surprising and promising resurgence in contemporary London jazz – owed in no small part to (sadly now split up) jazz fusion duo, Yussef Kamaal.

A recent Mahogany sessions performance of the beautiful album opener, ‘Keep On’ has racked up close to a quarter million views. This is no small feat for what is essentially a jazz outfit. It is also the perfect tool with which to whet your appetite for his show at Thekla this Thursday – if you managed to bag a ticket before they sold out, that is.

Bringing hip-hop stylings to jazz numbers and embellishing hip-hop grooves with jazzy textures, the album is a truly accomplished, organic piece of work that is going to sound absolutely killer in the intimate setting of Thekla’s hallowed hull.

See Alfa Mist play ‘Keep On’ live in session here: