All Tempo Label Launch | Live Review


Last Saturday Corn Street in the centre of town was riddled with small stalls selling just about everything; if you deviated from that path at all you may have stumbled into The Birdcage. A quaint little café, bar and shop. Doubling as a music venue it hosted the launch for Access to Music’s student founded label, All Tempo Music, from which the students will be releasing a wide range of digital music – ranging from house, jungle and dubstep.

The night kicked off with Wes Will, a great set of high energy drum and bass, taking elements from other styles such as jungle and house which developed throughout the set. Great vocal samples jumped out from the mix, giving depth to the sections and making for smooth transitions between songs. Up next was Dubstep duo, Kronus. Spacey, atmospheric sub tones overlaid with echoing chimes and short melodic sections. Their track ‘Madness’ will be among the first of many tracks to be released via the All Tempo label and is worth keeping an eye and an ear out for.

Azrah and Compound 92 both took to the stage; they switched back and forth between their sets, Compound 92 drawing heavily on changing up the pace with sudden changes in groove and jarring drops whilst staying firmly within the realms of house and garage. Meanwhile Azrah’s talent in drum sampling and programming show in all his tracks, putting his take on drum and bass on a whole new level. His track ‘Transition’ will also be one of the first to go out with All Tempo music.

Finally the night came to a close with Charlie Grier’s chilled out house and garage mix, a great set with a solid flow all the way through. All in all a great exhibition of the music coming out from the students of Access to Music and with the label launch there is an easy way to keep track of all the best material.

Check out a recent sample from Bromley right here: