16th February | Trinity

Alvvays, returning to Bristol to play Trinity, just a few short months after selling out Thekla, are a beautifully complicated band, possessing various weapons in their attention-grabbing armoury. On one hand, the Canadian outfit have a sound that epitomises joy and hope, a scarcely-found ethereal glistening that has the capacity to make the listener feel as if wrapped up in the warmest embrace. However, much of the five-piece’s genius comes from their lyrical approach, narrating cautionary tales of loss, pain and reluctance, precisely complimenting their refined jangling chimes.

Following up their acclaimed debut release with the commercially successful and critically-adored sophomore effort, Antisocialites last September, the band, fronted by Molly Rankin, have proved themselves to be focused enough to define their sound, yet astute enough to diversify and challenge it. Perhaps most impressive is the consistent quality of their work; there isn’t so much as a hint of an ill-fitting component on either album and each contains at least one instant classic, be it the subtle charm of ‘Archie, Marry Me’, or the yearning wonder of ‘Dreams Tonite.’

A formidable force, Alvvays are guaranteed to leave you with a spring in your step, a glimmer in your eye and a creeping doubt about your emotional security.

Watch the video for ‘Dreams Tonite’ here:

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