Amalgam Shapes // Photoset

9th June | SWX

Bristol is one of those places where you usually feel like you’re getting value for money, with ticket prices seeming a fair balance between the performers’ talents and the ordinary music-lover’s disposable income. And then you have the quality of the show that it’s impossible not to throw into that equation, both in terms of the money and especially time invested. Before this turns into some tedious Which? or TripAdvisor, let’s cut to the chase. Amalgam Shapes put on a roster of artists on one night whose work you’d be delighted to pay and travel to see on an individual basis. If you walked away from this one feeling short-changed, or unfulfilled, then nothing will please you and you ought to give up gigging and just forge a career in being grumpy on social media instead.

Masego built up from songs from scratch, perhaps ultimately stealing the show with just how tightly he held the audience. JGrrey was anything but monochrome, instead colourfully meditative and subtly mesmeric. Leven Kali’s smooth cuts reminded us very much just how essential ‘rhythm’ is to the term R&B. Former BiS cover stars, OSHUN, took our brains to another dimension, from which we, reluctantly had to return on Sunday morning.

See the video for ‘Do U Wrong’ (feat. Syd) by Leven Kali here: