6th August | Thekla

Damon McMahon, the figurehead of Amen Dunes, may have been around for over a decade, but it’s reasonable to suggest that his smouldering career, now five albums old, has reached ignition point with his 2018 meisterwerk, Freedom. Not only has he flown directly onto the radar of many more listeners with an ambient indie-rock contender for album of the year, but his own voice has risen from the low-fi bed in which it used to lie, making you wonder quite why it took all that time for him to feel the confidence to set it free. 2014’s more folky Love gave us a few hints of the vocal glories to come, but Freedom is truly resplendent.

Songs like ‘Miki Dora’ are self-reflective, whereas ‘Believe’ and ‘Blue Rose’ talk about his parents. He’s clearly in a candid mood, where he’s setting himself free – in his own words, with “a relinquishing of self through an exploration of self.” Selflessly, he gives us the spacey, yet grounded outcome of that exploration and we are definite beneficiaries. The  album’s opening words, “This is your time” ought to be a reminder for you to seize the day and catch Amen Dunes at Thekla on Thursday night, with the added bonus of support from the 60s-influenced pop ballads from Cut Worms and his 2018 debut, Hollow Ground.

See the video for ‘Miki Dora’ here: