Amyl and the Sniffers // Photoset

4th April | Louisiana

It was a pretty wild one overall. A blitz. A blast. Not that much else was likely with the combination of Amyl and the Sniffers and the crowded, hot, sweaty upstairs room of The Louisiana. As lead singer, Amy Taylor pointed out in 2018, some mutts can’t be muzzled. She fronts a mighty band that is supercharged and when unleashed, elemental. There’s been a global punk wave over the past few years that bands like this are cresting. Furthering the surfing motif, there were several occasions where members of the audience would get up on the stage just to use it as a launch pad onto the crowd. Amy frequently did this too.

With the additional magnetism of The Menstrual Cramps in support, this was music without barriers, without inhibitions and without fear. The band seemed to love the energy in the room and Amy even said that she would rather that Amyl and the Sniffers played small shows like this one forever than having the intensity diluted by playing bigger rooms. We wholeheartedly agree. Craig Simmonds managed to hold onto his camera and his sanity to take this photoset.

See the video for ‘Cup of Destiny’ here: