29th May | Hy-Brasil

Canadian rising star, Anemone is back touring Europe to promote her debut album, Beat My Distance.

Just about one year from her surprisingly fresh and groovy debut EP, Anemone has confirmed herself as one of the most unique and enthralling international artists. Despite coming from a lo-fi hotbed like Canada, Anemone brings together a pot pourri of styles and influences that has made her music hard to pin down and totally unpredictable.

Blending West Coast psych, late 80s British baggy and shoegaze with dance and occasional French lyrics, Anemone is as good for a relaxing trip as it is for a boogie.

Fronted by classically-trained Chloé Soldevila, the five-piece band showcases brilliant composing talent that shines in complex tracks with irresistible pop hooks. Ethereal keys meet badass drum beats, jingle-jangling guitars and loose disco synths, all wrapped up by Soldevila’s mellow voice.

Imagine a late-60s French or U.S. female singer à la Hardy or Melanie meeting Saint Etienne on a Madchester trip. That’s what is waiting for you on 29th May at Hy-Brasil. And it’d be a pity to miss this rare gem on her European tour before she heads back to the other side of the pond.

See the video for ‘Memory Lane’ here: