February 10th | SWX

Angel Olsen is an utterly majestic performer. Her emboldened, synth-laden soundscapes have propelled her to an entirely new stratosphere. Lo-fi folk crackles have been traded for roaring crescendos, glitzy electronics and searing orchestration. Her most recent album, All Mirrors, saw her flex her muscles and land a menacing sucker punch as brooding darkness met Tame Impala-infused sparkles in a powerful musical statement. It was a mighty expansive offering. An artist maturing and finding their own distinct voice.

Angel Olsen at SWX, therefore, promises to be nothing short of spectacular. A roaring and powerful display of intent. Be it gutsy choruses (‘Shut Up Kiss Me’) or spectral illuminations (‘Endgame’), Olsen seems effortlessly engaging. A songwriter that instantly draws you to attention. She surrounds herself with an atmosphere of mystique, of grandeur and of elegance. Yet behind the flurry of electronic pulses and doom-soaked pop is an arresting voice to lose yourself in. A sense of floating in amongst a luscious bath of introspection.

With an End of the Road Festival headline slot already confirmed, this presents a unique opportunity to see her in the intimate surroundings of SWX. An enigmatic alternative superstar at the peak of her powers.

See the video for ‘All Mirrors’ here:

Featured image: Ebru Yildiz