Councillors have approved plans for a 17,000 capacity permanent arena on Filton Airfield. Three existing hangars are set to be transformed into a venue that would rival most arenas nationwide. The boss of the YTL Arena project, Andrew Billingham, has said, “We are thrilled that the council has entrusted us with this superb opportunity to do all of Bristol proud,” and went on to add, “We will operate the world’s first net-zero carbon arena and the YTL complex will be a beacon for this great city.”

Sceptics may well believe it when they see it, having seen numerous plans vaunted over the years. Indeed the Mayor of Bristol, Marvin Rees, scrapped his predecessor George Ferguson’s plans for an arena on Temple Island. He has positioned himself right behind the new plan, however, stating, “As a city, we will have one of the biggest and most sustainable arenas in the country bringing fantastic entertainment and brilliant opportunities for local people and businesses.

“It will also be a huge boost to our city and regional economy, attracting visitors from the wider region and the rest of the UK. All built and run without a penny being spent by the public purse.” He also praised YTL’s plans to reuse existing buildings.

Potentially big venue. Potentially big developments ahead. Watch this space.