In 1984, Anvil toured the world with a plethora of rock’s hard-hitters. An-who, I hear you ask? Well, exactly. Their rock-umentary, often referred to as ‘the real spinal tap’ follows the rock gods who never were on their RV-fuelled, obscure fan-led last shot at the big-time around Europe.

Some of them having played together since the age of fourteen, these now hapless fifty-year-old rockers, led by Steve “Lips” Kudlow, have their tribulations played out at Bristol’s own Bierkeller tomorrow, Wednesday the 12th, free entry.

Even after the mere two-minute-thirty trailer, you can’t help but get behind these hopeless hopefuls and their quest to whack the world up to eleven once and for all. And after decades of devil-horn hustle I’d gladly give them an hour-and-a-half.

Head here for more details and watch the trailer below: