AOU – Self Titled | EP Review


Upon listening to London based quartet AOU, one will immediately notice the array of musical influences in their sound; mixing dream pop, post punk and electronica to create something truly colourful. A collage of musical backgrounds with members William Moreau, Guy Stevenson, Quentin Sarda and Mattis Moviken coming from the cities of London, Paris and Oslo; the group influenced by the likes of Joy Division, Kraftwerk and Metronomy and together forming themselves as musical collective AOU.

AOU have released their self-titled EP and a record that certainly brings a shimmering introduction to their indie, electro and tropical style. Each track progressing one after the next and as you listen on you begin to understand the group’s musical vision. Particularly driven by melodic vocals and often heavy rocky beats but followed up by rumbling basslines, stretched synths and slick guitar strings that all make for some intricate pieces. ‘All Of Us’ demonstrates this perfectly, a wonderfully dreamy piece that draws upon the genres mentioned.

The EP experiments some more in ‘This Town’, giving us a more industrial feel with its solid-driven bassline, sparkling airy guitar strings and warm vocal tones. ‘The Frisco Sun’ with its analogue type electronics continues to push boundaries, drifting us even further into AOU’s imaginative atmospherics. ‘Testament’ is beautifully haunting, distantly high vocal tones often fading at times among the alluring synths and jingly percussion, the glittering guitar strings and rumbling basslines continue to provide the backbone once again. Post punk driven track L’Age d’Or’ wraps up the record on a high note and one that certainly cements AOU in the scene with their artistic music production.

Stream the EP in full here: