18th November | The Louisiana

Brother and sister fronted band Ardyn have been very active of late, popping up at various festivals over the summer, including slots at Dot to Dot and Farmfest. They also got the chance to play the legendary Shepherds Bush Empire back in August.

Tracks from their latest EP The Valley take the form of a story in which you are coaxed into by the buoyant hovering melodies and dynamics. There are clear folk ingredients, but the feel is a very contemporary one. You could liken it slightly to Beth Orton but in a much more adventurous and creative way. Katy’s vocals are humbly delivered and exude fascinating and charming eccentricities – giving a real uniqueness to their sound.

They’re currently on tour to promote their latest release, stopping by the Louisiana on Friday.

Tickets are available here. Watch the video for ‘The Valley’ below.