27th September | Gallimaufry

The Astral Tuskers are back at it again this month with another stunning set of artists. Their aim is to showcase the diverse variety of jazz in the city and trust me, they do exactly that. The Astral Tusk events are proving that Bristol’s up-and-coming contemporary jazz scene is unlike any other. Again, we are treated with three of the finest jazz acts, all remolding the musical form, bar-by-bar – stretching it to the absolute max.

First on the bill are genre-bending four-piece Delta Autumn. Their sound is drenched with electronica, jazz and infused with hip-hop and a dash of soul. That’s a lot to get your head around, but it’s worth it. Think Thundercat meets Flying Lotus and you’ve got a massive sound which is funk-fuelled and charged with might. If you’re new to Delta Autumn, give their tune ‘Genesis’ a listen, a manic, swirling beast of a song which is turbulent in the finest way possible.

Next up will be Chris Langton, more commonly seen behind his kit playing with Snazzback. Chris will be performing a unique set of polyrhythmic electronica on his drum kit, along with throwing some beat/noise into the mix. Mystified? Intrigued? You should be. Closing the night will be dream pop artist, Âvâ. Her synth-driven tunes are glitched gems, her voice embellishing a soundscape that’s immersive and emotive. Âvâ’s tunes are layered in echoed vocals and mesmerising loops, all of which will be improvised, therefore a totally unique experience each time.

If you haven’t already been to an Astral Tusk event, make yourself familiar. These events are unlike any other that the city offers. Entry will be free along with DJ Notsoever playing interspersing hits throughout the night. Get yourself to The Gallimaufry.

See Delta Autumn perform ‘Genesis’ here: