Audiophiles have been a huge part of Bristol music since 2013, through their radio show, Made In Bristol TV series and more. As they hit a huge 200 episodes, we chat to Chris Taylor and Mat Knight about the journey so far and the big party they’re throwing on the 8th.

We can’t believe you’ve reached 200 episodes! How does it feel to reach such a huge milestone?

Chris: We know, it feels slightly surreal – the radio show evolved from live sessions we were doing at The Louisiana, and the first show that was broadcast on 24th Sept 2013 was actually recorded in the green room there. Over the shows we have been privileged to work with some inspiring and talented people, and it those peoples love of music, that has keep us doing this and wanting to discover and broadcast even more brilliant music and stories.

What are some of your favourite memories or episodes from the show since you’ve been going?

Chris: There has been so many, we’ve met and interviewed so my great acts and bands, and they’ve all brought something special to the show. Some highlights have been jaw-dropping live sessions with C Duncan, interviews with Ezra Furman and Mac DeMarco and some terrifying but rewarding live shows during Dot to Dot, Brisfest and Simple Things.

And you’re celebrating with a show at Hy Brasil, what’s happening on the night?

Mat: Ah yes, this one we’re particularly excited about. As Chris mentioned, it’s not the first time we’ve put shows on but it has been a long time – too long we thought – and what better time to do one than celebrating this occasion.

On the night we’ve got loads of treats including an outing for GoyaTaxi, Dom Strutton’s new band, and Amy Yon is going to be making an appearance on Bristol soil for the first time in a long time – news has it she has plenty of new music too. Finally for the live side we’ve got Arni of The Vaccines bringing his new project; you have to come because trust me this will blow you away. To top all this off Joe Talbot of IDLES will be doing a DJ set and myself and Arni will be going B2B with disco classics, a firm fave of both of ours. And we’ll of course have microphones floating around on the night to capture the occasion.

Arni’s stuff is sounding really chill and great so far, how did him playing come about?

Mat: Arni has actually been a good friend of mine for some time. When he sent me some of his new material a while back I was immediately into it as I’m sure everyone will be.

Getting him to play the gig was more of a happy accident really as I had been searching for a while for a local band to fit the bill and all my favourites were busy on the date. Fortunately for me though I’d been in London for a friend’s wedding where actually me and Arni were DJ-ing our disco set (totally improvised at this stage) and I put the idea to him then. He was super up for it and we couldn’t be more excited to have him along.

So, next up 400 episodes, right?

Mat: The future is looking great for Audiophiles and the whole team, we most certainly intend to carry the radio show on as long as possible, but as Chris mentioned earlier we have dipped our toes into the visual space and intend to make some pushes there. We’re hoping to move towards the streaming market with an eye particularly on the emerging side, so were talking 360 video and 360 spatial audio all being live streamed. Alongside this we hope to keep producing our dynamic radio show, we love it, its our baby…

More power to you guys, you’ve been an integral part of the scene these last few years. Anything else you wanted to add?

Mat: All of us at Audiophiles want to thank all the people who helped us out over the years, in particular, everyone at The Louisiana, especially Mig and above all BCfm Radio for having us all these years. Its been great to be apart of everything that goes on there and Pat and Harriet really helped make our vision come to life over the years.

Audiophiles’ celebratory show takes place on 8th Dec at Hy Brasil. Find out more and get tickets here.

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