Austere – Casserole of Nonsense | Album Review

Released: 1st april

When I think casserole (and I do on a regular basis), I think of  lots of varied ingredients, brought together, and given time to cook down into something altogether greater than its constituent parts.

Inkling is one huge post rock inspired build, while Jungle Strut chimes with gothic melodies and a haunting Halloween aesthetic.  Casserole is a bewilderingly
complex math-metal extravaganza, along the same lines as Scandinavia’s Shining, yet Dreamscape references the ambient layers of texture familiar to fans of Sigur Ros’ earlier albums. It’s a  business to combine so many sounds and techniques without risking a juxtaposed and awkward end result, but this album is a finely tuned collage of genres, given space to breath, with
tremendous results.