6th July | Exchange

After five years of producing poignant pop-punk pieces, Bristol boys, Austeros, will be bidding their final farewell at Exchange this week. When they broke the news of the spilt on social media, news of their final offering of an EP and European tour was evidently flooded with comments of sadness and well-wishes. Not only is this a blow for those who were in hope of a forthcoming LP, but to make the split even more gutting is that their final EP boasts the best of Austeros. The heartfelt lyricism of belonging and personal growth makes for an adieu of bittersweet feeling.

Listening back to Painted Blue, it is still as brilliantly catchy and jubilant as the first listen in 2016. The album is a true testament to their ability to intertwine external influences with a distinctive edge. In their final statement, the band noted, “We’ve made friends for life through Austeros, and being in a band together has been an unforgettable experience and we’ll look back on it with nothing but fondness.”

This final show will be the chance to rejoice in the memories of a great band on the scene. Their presence will be truly missed.

See the video for ‘No Rush’ here: