Amy Grace


Ålesund // Preview

"The Bristol-based dream-poppers combine soaring vocals and immersive soundscapes." Amy Grace previews Ålesund at The Louisiana.

Tungz // Live Review

"Their rich synths and disco-fuelled songs were infectious and truly got the crowd rowdy." Amy Grace reviews the Tungz EP launch at Exchange.

Fangclub // Preview

"Fangclub’s fast-tempoed, head-banging hits will be filling out Crofters Rights on Sunday." Amy Grace anticipates a wild night with Fangclub.

Tungz // Preview

"Glittering grooves, a pinch of camaraderie and infectious hooks" are to be expected at Exchange when Tungz visit. Amy Grace previews.

Little Thief // Live Review

Little Thief
"Charlie dedicated a song to 'the couple I heard fucking in the toilets earlier'. Did Little Thief make the Earth move at The Canteen? Amy Grace reviews.

Little Thief // Preview

Little Thief
"Expect to see lots of headbanging at The Canteen next week." Warm up neck muscles for Little Thief's Friday night show. Amy Grace previews.

Jenny Lewis // Live Review & Photoset

Jenny Lewis
"Special shout-out to the light-up tambourine which she was playing during the song." Amy Grace and Kristina Kimlickova review Jenny Lewis at SWX.

Jenny Lewis // Preview

Jenny Lewis
The visit of Jenny Lewis to SWX on Tuesday 23rd July looks like a win/win to Amy Grace. She gets a bit of Bristol, we get a lot of her.

Alfa Mist // Live Review

"I don’t think I’ve ever been to a gig that’s involved so many rounds of applause." Amy Grace reviews Alfa Mist at Trinity.

Stereocilia // Live Review

"It was a 40-minute set of absurd guitar playing and experimental goodness." Amy Grace reviews Stereocilia in the crypt of St Paul's Church.