Angus Sharpe


The Disfavoured Party ‘Manifesto’ | EP Review

The Disfavoured Party's new EP chops and changes with relentless melodrama.

Benjamin Clementine | Live Review

Into the stillness treads, on bare feet, Benjamin Clementine, who under ‘house lights down’ is an otherworldly composite of impossible cheekbones and beehive afro.

Wild Beasts | Live Review

Wild Beasts manage to be more than the sum of their parts, and their parts are fantastic.

Benjamin Clementine

Benjamin Clementine is coming to Bristol to play the Colston Hall’s second room, The Lantern. This man's discography is one EP.

Wild Beasts | Preview

At a gig where you might previously have expected to sing, to sway, and to shiver, you can now anticipate dancing, too.

Davidge – ‘Slo Light’ | Album Review

Debuts don’t often roll off the back of CVs as strong as that of producer-composer (Neil) Davidge.

iTCH | Interview

He spent last year preparing the ground for a solo career, releasing two EPs and touring tirelessly on both sides of the Atlantic. Now iTCH, MC and former frontman of The King Blues, eagerly returns to Bristol for a sold out support slot before the release of his debut LP in March.