Grant Bailey


Lewisburg ‘El Celebro’ | Single Review

Lewisburg may call London his home, but his first release 'El Celebro' calls for sun bleached deserts and sweeping open roads.

Empty Pools ‘Liberation Prayers’ | EP Review

Empty Pools occupy a sound and time all of their own on this release, imprinting an implacable South-West charm upon it to create a new noise.

Chromeo ‘White Women’ | Album Review

Ten years on from the release of their debut album, Dave 1 and P-Thugg continue to push their electro revival sound with their fourth record White Women.

The Black Keys ‘Turn Blue’ | Album Review

Turn Blue is mellower than its forebears, with winding melodies and a blunt edge of psychedelia rounding off their typical style of ramshackle rock and roll.

Beaty Heart ‘Mixed Blessings’ | Album Review

Beaty Heart don’t so much bring the summer vibes on their debut album Mixed Blessings as they do transport you to a friendly tropical island of dancing and technicolour feasts.

Solids | Live Review

Solids visit the Exchange to dispatch the concrete heavy sounds of their latest album 'Blame Confusion', humble in their talent and the duo prove to be surprisingly watchable as they drive relentlessly through their catalogue to a sparse crowd.

Melanie De Biasio – ‘No Deal’ | Album Review

Melanie De Biasio’s latest release occupies the dark, smoky place between passion and melancholic anger.

Solids | Preview

I hope there’s space for another scuzzy, articulate noise duo on your playlist. Montreal's Solids are bringing their fuzzed-out, bloodshot emo to Bristol this May, likely in a hail of glorious feedback.

Manchester Orchestra | Live Review

There are shows when Manchester Orchestra demand the attention of the room with their urgency and ferocity, but tonight the band are walking a more complacent line.

Release: Superfood – ‘Mam’ | EP Review

While a sense of déjà vu hangs heavy it is hard to deny the quality of the material here.