Jonny Pinches


Adult Mom // Preview

Adult Mom
"Despite the name, listening to Adult Mom's tunes recalls halcyon days of adolescence." Jonny Pinches previews Adult Mom at Crofters Rights.

The Cinematic Orchestra // Live Review & Photoset

Cinematic Orchestra
"It feels bright, new, explorational. Improvisation is firmly in charge." Jonny Pinches and Jessica Bartolini review The Cinematic Orchestra.

Methyl Ethel // Live Review

Methyl Ethel
"Impressively, Jake is still singing on his tiptoes, clutching at the mic stand to the very end." Jonny Pinches reviews Methyl Ethel at Exchange

Methyl Ethel // Preview

Methyl Ethel
"'Why’d you have to go and cut your hair?' (from Ubu) has to be the strangest earworm I’ve had the fortune to hear." Jonny Pinches previews Methyl Ethel.

Hand Habits // Live Review

"All eyes are thus on Duffy, and it helps the lyrical poetry hit even harder." Jonny Pinches reviews Hand Habits at Crofters Rights.

Built To Spill // Review & Photoset

"Martsch croons through the song. His hair may have faded, but his voice has stayed colourful." Jonny Pinches and Duncan Cruickshank review Built To Spill.

Hand Habits // Preview

"Introspective and intimate, discussing a plethora of topics surrounding identity and troubled relationships." Jonny Pinches previews Hand Habits.

Martha // Live Review

"They relax on stage, comfortable with their instruments, the limelight, and most importantly, their own skins." Jonny Pinches reviews Martha at Exchange.

Rozi Plain // Live Review

Rozi Plain
"Witnessing a performance by Rozi Plain is somewhat like experiencing a waking dream." Jonny Pinches reviews her sold-out SouthBank show.

Built To Spill // Preview

"Twenty years since they released their seminal album, Keep It Like A Secret, and the band's on an extensive tour to celebrate." Jonny Pinches previews Built to Spill.