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Vinyl Staircase // Live Review & Photoset

Vinyl Staircase
Friday night at The Old England was a towering triple-decker of Lazarus Kane, The Shuks and Vinyl Staircase. Robyn Bainbridge and Jess Greenwood review.

Vinyl Staircase // Preview

Vinyl Staircase don’t so much nod as they do wave vigorously towards the golden age of alternative rock. Robyn Bainbridge previews.

Ezra Furman | Live Review & Photoset

Ezra Furman
Ezra Furman is a theatrical performer, whose onstage persona is a beguiling outpouring of expertly-wielded turmoil. Robyn Bainbridge reviews his recent Colston Hall show. Photos by Jessica Bartolini.

Cousin Kula | Live Review

Cousin Kula
"Walking into the live room at the Exchange on Tuesday evening was like blindly feeling your way into a damp little cliff-side cove after hours of swimming in dazzling afternoon sun." Robyn Bainbridge captures the magic of Cousin Kula.

Slonk | Live Review

"There’s a lot of low-fi, emo withdrawal in the tracks, but in a live environment, the folk really comes through." Robyn Bainbridge reviews Slonk at The White Rabbit.

Cousin Kula | Live Preview

Cousin Kula
Cousin Kula are the next biggest psych-pop band in the South West music scene, and they’re headlining the Exchange on Tuesday. Robyn Bainbridge previews.

Slonk | Live Preview

Breakfast Records bring you Slonk, Brixton’s Cagework and Bristol DIY dream-team, Langkamer at The White Rabbit. What's not to like? Robyn Bainbridge previews.

Stevie Parker Cover Feature

Photos: Adam Gasson “I don't think I ever really had major ambitions to do music.” Stevie Parker is a picture of understated accomplishment: an oversized...