Sammy Jones


Isolde ‘Seed Bud Bloom’ | EP Review

M&S isn’t an influence your usual singer-songwriter might list, but we suppose Isolde isn’t your usual singer-songwriter.

Bristol’s new school of weird pop

A small but meaningful movement of silver-voiced solo artists are making all kinds of loopy pop music in Bristol right now… we spoke to some.

Wolf Alice | Live Review & Photoset

Wolf Alice pack Bristol's Trinity centre with youth, making for a remarkably fun affair.

Trust Fund | Live Review

Three entirely different, though equally brilliant acts take to the stage for the launch of the debut Trust Fund album.

Alvvays | Live Review

Alvvays certainly weren't immune to the charms of the unconventional venue.

Spectres ‘Dying’ | Album Review

Swelling, swooping and sweating with decay, Spectres' ‘Dying’ is a black challenge to anyone who thinks noise and distortion can't be nuanced.

Robin Mitchell ‘Solid Gold / My Next Song’ | Mixtape Review

Is lo-fi anything to get excited about? It is when it’s as earnest and well-crafted as Robin Mitchell’s newest mixtape.

The Bronze Medal ‘Darlings’ | Album Review

The Bronze Medal have finally dropped their brutally beautiful debut album.

St Vincent | Live Review

When we saw St Vincent was coming to town we knew it was a show not to be missed. Strange, interesting and untouchable, Annie soon proved that we weren’t wrong.

Boys’ Club | How The Live Music Scene Is Pushing Girls...

It’s still easy to see the scars of sexism that are apparent at shows girls go to every day. Sammy Jones delves into the matter of misogyny at gigs.