Sean Toohey


Talk Show // Live Review

Talk Show
"Talk Show thrive on tight, aggressive rhythmic blueprints that seem to have a primal effect." Sean Toohey reviews their show at Crofters Rights.

Talk Show // Preview

Talk Show
"It’s been quite the year for the London-based purveyors of guttural darkness, Talk Show." Sean Toohey previews their show at The Crofters Rights.

Beardyman // Live Review & Photoset

"Chaos and unpredictability stand as pillars to a Beardyman set and tonight was no different." Sean Toohey and Lee Ramsey review Beardyman at Thekla.

The Skints // Live Review & Photoset

"The keystone to their awe-inducing catalogue often presents itself in the form of their incredible harmonies." Sean Toohey and Paul Lippiatt review The Skints.

Beardyman // Preview

"From humble beginnings, Beardyman has become somewhat of a household name." Sean Toohey previews Beardyman's forthcoming show at Thekla.

Larkins // Live Review

"Larkins are as much a visual experience as they are an audible one." Sean Toohey reviews Manchester's Larkins at Rough Trade.

FEET // Live Review & Photoset

"FEET’s intrinsic knack for football chant vocals is both infectious and addictive." Sean Toohey and Grace Fitton-Assinder review FEET at Rough Trade.

The Skints // Preview

"The Skints have earned their status as one of the most respected acts within their scene." Sean Toohey previews The Skints at Trinity.

Chastity Belt // Live Review & Photoset

Chastity Belt
"Though neither brash nor loud, Chastity Belt do possess a commanding stage presence." Sean Toohey and Naomi Williams review Chastity Belt at Thekla.

Larkins // Preview

"Larkins carry the weight of late-career Foals and flamboyant showmanship of Matty Healy’s The 1975." Sean Toohey previews Larkins at Rough Trade.