Sean Toohey


The Blue Aeroplanes // Preview

Blue Aeroplanes
Sean Toohey looks forward to "the layered and multifaceted world of The Blue Aeroplanes" at The Fleece on Sunday night, as they warm up for Glastonbury.

Tamu Massif // Live Review & Photoset

Tamu Massif's voice "lands as croaking and emotionally loaded when necessary, often reminiscent of a less angry Jamie T." Sean Toohey and Lee Ramsey review.

Tamu Massif // Preview

"With a swirling pallet of electronic and organic influences, Massif paints with thick brush strokes." Sean Toohey previews Tamu Massif at Rough Trade.

Petrol Girls // Live Review & Photoset

Petrol Girls
"Brooding, ominous and vicious in their delivery." Sean Toohey and Jess Greenwood review Petrol Girls at Rough Trade.

Aldous Harding // Live Review & Photoset

Aldous Harding
"Draped in brilliant white, bearing a thousand yard stare like a weapon of war," Aldous Harding enchanted Trinity. Review by Sean Toohey and Craig Simmonds.

Beak> // Live Review & Photoset

"To enjoy a sell-out show on their own home turf, not to mention on a Monday night. If any band deserves this, it's Beak>." Sean Toohey reviews.

Petrol Girls // Preview

Petrol Girls
"Taking their name from a group of French revolutionaries seemed fitting." Sean Toohey previews Petrol Girls at Rough Trade.

Crocodiles // Live Review

"Greeting the crowd with a Bristolian ‘babber’ the band launch into a clattering of fantastically sharp guitars." Sean Toohey reviews Crocodiles.

The Beths // Live Review & Photoset

"The room gurgles into a delicate warm fuzz accented by a lush sorbet of soft vocals." Sean Toohey and Craig Simmonds review The Beths at The Fleece.

Aldous Harding // Preview

"Basking in the respect of critics and fans alike, demonstrating her art on her own terms and having a lot of fun." Sean Toohey previews Aldous Harding.