Sean Toohey


Tamu Massif // Preview

"With a swirling pallet of electronic and organic influences, Massif paints with thick brush strokes." Sean Toohey previews Tamu Massif at Rough Trade.

Petrol Girls // Live Review & Photoset

Petrol Girls
"Brooding, ominous and vicious in their delivery." Sean Toohey and Jess Greenwood review Petrol Girls at Rough Trade.

Aldous Harding // Live Review & Photoset

Aldous Harding
"Draped in brilliant white, bearing a thousand yard stare like a weapon of war," Aldous Harding enchanted Trinity. Review by Sean Toohey and Craig Simmonds.

Beak> // Live Review & Photoset

"To enjoy a sell-out show on their own home turf, not to mention on a Monday night. If any band deserves this, it's Beak>." Sean Toohey reviews.

Petrol Girls // Preview

Petrol Girls
"Taking their name from a group of French revolutionaries seemed fitting." Sean Toohey previews Petrol Girls at Rough Trade.

Crocodiles // Live Review

"Greeting the crowd with a Bristolian ‘babber’ the band launch into a clattering of fantastically sharp guitars." Sean Toohey reviews Crocodiles.

The Beths // Live Review & Photoset

"The room gurgles into a delicate warm fuzz accented by a lush sorbet of soft vocals." Sean Toohey and Craig Simmonds review The Beths at The Fleece.

Aldous Harding // Preview

"Basking in the respect of critics and fans alike, demonstrating her art on her own terms and having a lot of fun." Sean Toohey previews Aldous Harding.

Beak> // Preview

Start the week with Beak>? Monday night threatens to make the following days feel anti-climactic with Beak> at SWX. Sean Toohey previews.

Crocodiles // Preview

"Boasting grand swathes of droning guitars and cathartic vocal howls," Crocodiles are coming to The Lanes. Sean Toohey previews.