Band Of Skulls | Live Review


Band of Skulls are known for an immaculate performance of their songs live, this gig was absolutely no exception.

The 11th of November saw Band of Skulls perform the O2 Academy. With the support of Bo Ningen (DZ Deathrays having been unable to make it) the anticipation is soaring, and the room is full from the start.

Bo Ningen take to the stage first, they set the bar high playing through their set with the energy and precision you’d expect. The tremendous bass sound from Taigen Kawabe left just enough room for the guitars and vocal shrieks to shine through. Jumping off the stage and resting his bass on the front barricade, Taigen played an entire song staring straight into the crowd. Ending the set perched on top of his bass rig, he watched over the stage as a guitar is swung around repeatedly by the headstock, while drummer and the other guitarist kept the song going into a spectacular finish. Bo Ningen definitely added a new page to the How to be a Support Band handbook.

During the intermission the gaps on the floor were filled as more people filtered onto the main room. Band of Skulls walked on stage to the roar of the whole crowd, hitting it off their usual set starter ‘Light of the Morning’ then straight into ‘Himalayan’. With the humble statement of wanting to play as many songs as they could, they didn’t disappoint. A wide mix of songs ranging across all their studio albums, songs like ‘The Devil takes care of his own’ and ‘Sweet Sour’ fell on welcoming ears.

First encore song ‘Cold Fame’ was allowed the complete silence the song drops down to so often. A fully engaged audience watched and appreciated every track, held note and prolonged silence. With the promise of a return in the future and a new album, the night closes with ‘Hoochie Coochie’ into ‘Hollywood Bowl’. Band of Skulls are known for an immaculate performance of their songs live, this gig being absolutely no exception.

Check out ‘Hoochie Coochie’ right here: