9th May | Hy-Brasil

Spring is upon us, or at least that’s its intentions and the month of endless bank holidays has, for the most part, kept good on its promise of good weather and even better vibes. It’s in this climate that a band such as Hull’s bdrmm are really able to shine; their hazy, sun-bleached melodies cascade around some deliciously reverberant and crisp production, evoking the shimmering psyche-laden sensibilities of Reading’s Ulrika Spacek by way of the more sombre tone of Lionlimb’s last outing.

Delicately placed over the past twelve months, the five-piece’s last four singles have demonstrated the outfit’s ability to not only conjure intricate and at times distinctly memorable guitar lines, but equally impressive lyricism that dances the line between the abstract melancholia of Morrissey and the colourful mourning painted on the inside of a young Robert Smith’s bonce.

It’s not just bdrmm we’re excited to catch; main support comes in the shape of Bristol’s very own Vinegar, a band who whilst not quite as acidic as their name might suggest, offer a pleasantly raw counterpoint with their lo-fi and at times jagged stylings.

If all that’s not enough for you, the bill also includes more Bristolian representation in the form of Afternoon, an offshoot of the ever-popular Oliver Wilde’s new band Pet Shimmers. Expect stripped-back arrangements and probably a curious haircut.

Catch all of this at Hy-Brasil on 9th May and check back for our review in the days to follow.

Listen to ‘Heaven’ by bdrmm here: