20th January | Exchange

Since their debut album in 2015, Beach Slang were appointed as the vanguard of the next wave of pop punk. Their debut, The Things We Do To Find People Like Us, is a raw record that examines the typical rock themes of love and understanding yourself. On their 2016 release, A Loud Bash of Teenage Feelings, singer and songwriter, James Alex, takes a much heavier approach to these themes with more distortion, soft-loud vocals and general angst.

In a lot of ways, the change in Beach Slang’s sound reflects the turbulent times that band experienced during 2016. Early in the year, the band abruptly halted a set in the US and stormed off stage. Months later, they announced an abrupt departure of their drummer around the release of their most recent album, and then a controversial break with their second guitarist amidst sexual assault allegations. All of this took place just months before the release of their second album.

While it’s all too common to associate a band’s personal problems and inner politics with their sound, you can’t deny that the uncertainty of the band weighed heavily on the recording of the new albums and their future performances.

Alex’s performances are a unique brand of orchestrated chaos, angst and embellished rock guitar moves, but it will be interesting to see how he interacts with this new sound and line-up.

Tickets are available here. Check out ‘Punks In A Disco Bar’ below.