20th May | SWX

You can’t really escape the looming figure of Portishead when drifting around Bristol, both geographically and musically. in the mesmerising textures of Geoff Barrow, Billy Fuller and Matt Williams’ Beak>, though, you’ll find that a world far away from its behemoth of a sister becomes spectacularly visible.

Originally formed around 2009, Beak>’s self-titled debut record entered the world on terms not unexpected from Barrow. Having been recorded strictly live over a span of twelve days, deep in the heart of Bristol, the record displays a level of musicianship not often attained. Although partially divisive in its sonic landscape, the warm memory of 70s-inspired technique proved an interesting palette, garnering the band a dedicated following.

Two more records, following in 2012 and 2018 respectively, painted a picture of a band reaching an accumulative process, deriving influence from further reaches of the musical spectrum and proving the longevity of this project to any that may have entertained doubt.

Beak> holds more feathers in its collective cap in the form of production and film work. The band united with political-journalist-come-singer-songwriter Anika Henderson for her 2010 record Anika, co-writing two of the album’s tracks and acting as producers for the record’s sessions. They also joined forces with Tom Geens for his intense character-driven film Couple in A Hole, providing a soundtrack heavily drawn from the band’s early work.

Returning to their spiritual home on the 20th at Bristol’s SWX, this show is certain to be a highlight of the month.

See the video for ‘Brean Down’ here: