31st October | Thekla

Darren Foreman’s expansive, multi-faceted second persona has seen a long and respected career form around it in its decade-spanning lifetime. Best known under the pseudonym Beardyman, Foreman’s inherent ability to blend looped vocals and live music has opened the door to collaborations with some of the industry’s most respected artists.

From humble beginnings, Beardyman has become somewhat of a household name alongside his peers, such as Mr Scruff and Dan Le Sac, though it’s his laconic blend of comedy and musical ability that has helped to define his work as a creature apart from the rest. Though Foreman may possess many strings to his bow, his natural talent for beatboxing has always stood as the pillar of his unique output. From the project’s inception all the way back in 2006, the performer has collected several coveted awards in this profession, starting with his two-year streak as UK Beatbox Champion from 2006 to 2008 and serving as a judge in the following years.

Aside from his organic vocal capabilities, Beardyman stands as one of the first artists in the public eye to use the now famous Korg Kaoss Pad as a fundemental element to his compositions and performances. With influences ranging from dubstep to breakbeat and trance, Foreman’s live performances stand as eclectic love letters to all things electronic, forever packed with humour and surprise, ensuring an idiosyncratic experience yet to be matched by the artists within his orbital pull.

See the video for ‘6am (Ready To Write)’ (feat. Joe Rogan) here: