Belle and Sebastian | Preview


Belle and Sebastian have always existed in a quiet realm of appreciation, often lauded by the music world despite them rarely tapping into commercial success.

Most who are aware of the Glaswegian band, however, whole-heartedly love them. Their nine-album career has spawned undeniable folk-pop classics like ‘Piazza New York Catcher’ and ‘Another Sunny Day’, but their new album ‘Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance’ shows off a more expansive, synth-led sound.

The band are just as immersive and striking onstage as they are on track, building a visible connection through the amount of instrumentation used. The venue for their return to Bristol is none other than Colston Hall, a place renowned for it’s brilliant sound. This is set to be a special as night as an ever-alternative voice of British music returns.

Check out new track ‘The Party Line’ right here: