10th June | SWX

If chart position and commercial success are the mark of a band, then you’d be justified in getting a bit sniffy about Belly. If it’s enduring quality and catchiness that you’re after, then all you’ll be sniffing is the unmistakable aroma of jangly indie eminence. All it’ll need is a quick airing of ‘Gepetto’ or ‘Feed The Tree’ from 1993’s Star at SWX on Sunday night and you’re likely to start sniffing the distinct waft of a sweat haze emanating from the excited, ever-moistening revellers.

Tanya Donnelly may well be an infamous alumna of further alt-rock aristocracy, Throwing Muses and The Breeders, but as the mainstay of Belly, the three albums that she has fronted stand proud and put this Rhode Island four-piece on the same exalted pedestal. Having produced Star and King in 1993 and 1995, they disbanded in 1996. Just to prove that they meant it, they gave it a couple of decades before reforming in 2016. In good time, their third album, Dove, gestated, prior to its joyous arrival this May.

What is a belly? It’s a place in which you store and begin to process that which is essential to maintaining a good life. It should help to sustain and energise. It’s also something irresistible that often creeps up on you over the years, but also something you can work off at gigs with some enthusiastic, aerobic bouncing around.

Why not get your fill of Belly this weekend?

See the video for ‘Shiny One’ here: