Choosing what to do on New Year’s Eve is never easy. The decision between having The Biggest Night Out of The Year vs staying in and watching Hootananny is never an easy one, but Hy-Brasil Music Club has just announced a line-up that will surely get you away from Jools Hollands piercingly-nasal tones.

Taking place (obviously) on 31st December, the venue, along with bands, labels, promoters, magazines, music shows and more are all coming together to put on a ‘Best of Bristol’ line-up that will take you all the way through to midnight (and beyond).

The line-up includes: Youth, Wish, Tropic, Rozelle, No Violet, Mauwe, Harvey Causon, The Gnarwhals and a DJ set from Elder Island.

Each band on the bill is being brought along by a different organisation that’s embedded into the Bristol live music scene, including blog Tap The Feed, promoter 1% of One and label Leisure Records. Check out the full line up below:

You can grab yourself a ticket to the show here.