Bite The Buffalo | Farmfestival 10th Anniversary Playlist


Bite The Buffalo have taken the time to make us a playlist. In preparation for their appearance at the tenth annual Farmfest, the band have handpicked the tracks they’ve most enjoyed drinking to over the last decade.

These are some of the songs we like to listen to with a drink in hand and pals by your side, I like to think that people enjoy our music in a similar way.

2005 – Silversun Pickups – Lazy Eye (Pikul)

This song’s always been on the playlist, and it pays tribute to the “drunk stos” lazy eye, look out for that as the day goes on!

2006 – Eagles Of Death Metal – I Want You So Hard (The Boys Bad News)

Love at first laugh, the most bad ass rock ‘n’ roll laugh you’ve ever heard, these guys ooze rock ‘n’ roll out of every orifice and we can’t get enough.

2007 – The Hives – Tick Tick Boom Boom

As you enter the vicinity of any show there’s gotta be the song that you blast to get pumped just in time… and secretly kinda want people to over hear also…

2008 – The Kills – Tape Song

It’s beautiful, in a dark and sinister Kills way, it’s certainly a bevy jam that gets the head knocking.

2009 – The Heavy – How You Like Me Now?

Shots all round, the tune that convinces you to walk with your chest out, smoke three cigarettes at a time while drinking whiskey, and look good doing it. How you like them bevy jams?

2010 – Arcade Fire – Sprawl II

I don’t know this song… stos put this on the list. I need headphones and a pint.

2011 – Seasick Steve – You Can’t Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

I always make the decision to home-brew something when listening to this track, needed: 1x bottle with three x’s on it and a porch.

2012  – Tame Impala – Elephant

It’s the groove that gets you going and never stops, another one that you can’t help bobbing your head to and donning Beyonce ‘single ladies’ face.

2013 – Queens Of The Stone Age – Smooth Sailing

There’s no room for ice or coke in your whiskey here, straight up bad ass, in the sun on a boat…. on a yacht. with Josh Homme behind the wheel.

2014 – Band Of Skulls – Asleep At The Wheel

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these guys live and there’s a genuine fear of having to head back to the bar for a refill almost immediately, the drum beat tiltes your head back and taps the glass.

2015 – The Growlers – Big Toe

The Growlers have a great groove for alcoholism, put this track on. It’ll make you feel better about drinking in the morning.

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