O2 Academy | 24th March

Through Twitter spats and bold statements, Blossoms firmly landed in the indie sphere last year, with elements of glossy pop-rock and Alex Turner-twang. With Blossoms now headlining the bill for the NME Awards Tour, NME have hit the nail on the head for eclectic, raucous and relevant performers, with Bristol’s O2 planned for tonight’s show.

The Stockport quintet kick off with ‘At Most A Kiss’, opening their show with eclectic energy. The vibrant nature of their indie pop soundscape translates well with the show’s colourful lighting set up, especially with the jangling keyboard intro and expansive melodies layered throughout their offering.

Combining early indie styles reminiscent of Arctic Monkeys, The Charlatans and The Courteeners, Blossoms have the modern glossy feel that brings old school indie into 2017. Their guitar-driven tracks have an element of 90’s keyboard and pop melodies that are held together by Tom Ogden’s vocal which, incidentally, sounds a bit like Alex Turner. But what Blossoms possibly lack in originality, they make up for with their delivery.

From the sultry soundscapes of ‘Smoke’ to B Side ‘Fourteen’, every track has the crowd up in arms, though it’s quite a young crowd (think NME readership, Reading Festival etc). Blossoms seem to have mastered sculpting their tracks for radio, through lyrics that have a truly infectious quality, evidenced by the crowd joining in for the majority of their songs. There’s no slowing down either, with every track owning an electric edge and upbeat force.

Their cited influencers don’t end with indie rock bands. ‘Texia’ has definite notes of Abba, with a melody that could have come straight out of ‘Gimme, Gimme’ demonstrating that the hints of pop throughout their records have 80’s foundations as well as 90’s. They’re not afraid to have a bit of fun with their influencers too, even playing a quick medley of Oasis’ ‘Half The World Away’ and Mariah Carey’s ‘Last Christmas’ during their set, much to the delight of the O2 crowd. The encore adds four more tracks to their set list, one of them being crowd pleaser, ‘Charlemagne’, to bring their set to a raucous end albeit only ten o’clock.

Blossoms’ quiet bravado and early Arctic Monkey’s style places the band as an indie favourite at the minute, with their captivating lyricism and catchy pop melodies. Though not the biggest of risk takers, they bring together the best of classic indie rock with glossy pop elements, and they do it well. There’s only the one album under their belt, but if they continue on this trajectory, Blossoms have the potential to be a huge indie act.

Check out ‘Honey Sweet’ below.