Bierkeller | 24th September

Stockport poppers Blossoms blew the roof off Bierkeller on Saturday night, with a sold-out gig that cemented their place in the hearts of everyone who managed to get their hands on a golden ticket.

While worthy openers Cabbage and Declan McKenna worked the crowd up into a sweaty frenzy, it was the build-up soundtrack of Mancunian tunes – from the likes of The Smiths and Happy Mondays – while the stage was prepped for Blossoms’ arrival that really amped up the excitement in the room. So when the band appeared in the midst of an impressive light show with the explosive ‘At Most A Kiss’, it was before a room packed full of people well up for a cheery singalong – and they definitely sang their hearts out over the course of the evening.

With their self-titled debut album becoming an instant smash upon its release, there was no doubt that the setlist would be chock-full of bangers to keep everyone on their toes. Delivering on that promise, the quintet breezed through firm fan favourites ‘Cut Me And I’ll Bleed’ and ‘Blow’ in an airtight, energetic fashion, with charismatic vocalist Tom Ogden taking time between songs to drum up a well-deserved round of applause for each band member in turn.

Synth-based single ‘Getaway’ proved to be a crowd pleaser, highlighting a theme of love and loss that carried through to the acoustic ‘My Favourite Room’ which Ogden dedicated to James, a guy in the crowd who had recently been through a break-up, and which also served as a showcase for how impressive his vocals really are, even when stripped back and going it alone. Sliding effortlessly into an acoustic chorus of Babybird’s ‘Because You’re Gorgeous’, the acoustic sesh sandwiched between ‘Honey Sweet’ and ‘Texia’, provided the perfect breather in an otherwise action-packed set.

After a quick jaunt off-stage, the boys picked up the vibe right where they left off for the encore, building with the slower paced ‘Deep Grass’ in which Ogden floated about the stage to a seriously good guitar solo, before powering up the instantly recognisable opening chords to the inevitable closer ‘Charlemagne’, the band’s calling card. And with a final chant of a chorus from ‘Blow’, just like that they were gone again.

Drawing influence from disco, pop, and rock, a lot can be said about the unique fusion of Blossoms’ sound, but if there’s one thing that’s certain it’s that these guys can put on one hell of a show. With a well-curated setlist and a good natured approach that had the crowd wrapped around their little finger right from the beginning, Blossoms are well on their way to becoming one of Britain’s most-loved pop bands – and it’ll be very much deserved.

Listen to ‘Charlemagne’ below: