4th July | Fleece

There’s a real sense of incisiveness to Brooklyn punks, Bodega. Having risen from the ashes of their extensive and experimental previous project, Bodega Bay, Bodega are sharper and more economical, without losing any of their quick wit and astute subtleties. You’d need little else to exemplify this than ‘How Did This Happen?’ – a driving, antagonistic evaluation of the digital world we seemingly can’t live without. It’s taken from their first full-length, entitled Endless Scroll, which is out this Friday, and will cement the band as one of the more substantial groups to introduce themselves this year. To enhance that process, a UK tour is on the cards, and a show at the sizeable Fleece shows the support that’s already behind them.

Where on record Bodega’s intensity lies in the whip-smart lyrics delivered by Ben Hozie and Nikki Belfiglio, live it’s their erratic and highly compelling musicianship as a group that fires up the sense of antagonism most. Moments like ‘Jack In Titantic’ see them at their more sentimental sounding, yet in a live setting, you can imagine its driven rhythms unleashing the venomous self-assurance of the narrative. Their songs are set to become chant-along favourites for many in the years to come.

See the video for ‘Jack In Titanic’ here: