3rd November | Crofters Rights

Really pure and authentic psych-rock has always possessed the ability to transcend the tangible notions of reality and dream, light and dark. It finds the synapses in your mind that don’t bother themselves with conflict or infatuation, simply engaging with definitive feeling and intentionally messing with it for pleasure. Boogarins are one of those purveyors, intelligently crafting vibrant music that figures within both intellectualism and spirituality, while embracing their culture and further embellishing its worth. It’s unpredictable yet unfathomably sleek, and in a live setting, presents itself as a progressive and arresting prospect that rejects the idea of escapism for something much more engaging.

While their music entwines itself with more abstract and impressionistic notions, their lyrics focus on the social conflict of their country (Brazil) and the in the wider world that they experience as they (constantly) tour. The words are in singular juxtaposition to their music, yet the heaviness of content is subtly balanced out by the delivery, written and performed fully in Portuguese. Those who do not speak the language simply have Dinho Almeida’s soft and airy vocal to attach to, evoking a sense of melancholy as he coos over the band’s simmering collaboration.

It’s an enchanting sound, one that embraces the heavier and more improvisational aspects of their sound.

See Boogarins play ‘La Vem A Morte’ live in Los Angeles here: