19th July | The Lanes

It’s a bit of a dream to play in a psychedelic band. Well that is if you’ve grown up listening to essentials like Jefferson Airplane and then hitting other newer psychedelia-inspired bands like The Black Angels. I suppose this observation is typically American-rooted, but it is great to see a mixture of psyche-influenced bands coming out of South America. This is kind of what it felt like turning up to see Boogarins, a real insight into a the global state of psychedelic music. On stage, Boogarins feel the storm troopers of the psychedelic rock empire.

The four-piece of Benke Ferraz (samples, guitars), Dinho Almeida (guitars and vocals), Raphael Vaz (bass and synth) and Ynaiã Benthroldo (drums), were all quite electric from the get go. The whole atmosphere changed from the first two support acts. You could hear and feel the soul of these Brazilian musicians straight away. They played quite a few songs from their first album, As Plantas Que Curam, which you listen to now and it’s completely different from them playing these tracks live.

At first it seemed like you were hearing a very early Pink Floyd. There was a great crashing sea wave coming down at The Lanes too, with their new album, Sombrou Dúvida. Their new single this year, similarly called ‘Sombra ou Dúvida’ meaning ‘Shadow or Doubt,’ was played with a storming execution. Each took it in turn to sing a track. It just added more scope to watching a band: you got to see how different the atmosphere was with each singer.

There’s no doubt that Dinho Almeida was a enigmatic performer and guitarist. He sang ‘Sombra ou Dúvida’ and then on their earlier tunes such as ‘Paul’, from their first album. Dinho had a great big smile on his face during the whole set, loving the psychedelic performances with a solid rock band basis on stage. They were all really omitting great Boogarins vibes. Then there were the quiet moments of Boogarins with songs like ‘Te Quero Longe’, that synthesised you into a more chilled Boogarins world. We heard in soft-voiced Portuguese from Dinho: “There’s a race inside our bubbles, that fucks with our heads and reverberates.”

Everything about Boogarins was howling decades of great psychedelic rock. The sound was awesome, people were dancing at the front like nutters, doing that usual swaying motion, but it was meant to be that way for sure. It was a finely-tuned unit of finely-tuned musical identities. Boogarins’ gig was so awesome, to be quite honest, that you’d have to call them incredibly underrated, due to the small number of people at the gig. You can’t say you haven’t heard of them now, so there’s no excuse next time.

See the video for ‘Sombra ou Dúvida’ here: